Discoverability • Using Twitter to Get Found

What the Heck is Discoverability?

Web design is a pretty crowded market. In order for us to get new clients, those people need to be able to find us before they find the other guys. Discoverability is the ease with which customers can find your business.

I am a big fan of Twitter in general and we like to use the platform as part of our discoverability strategy. Since our founding in 2014 we have been building our Twitter following using a few simple strategies. Increasing Twitter following requires two things. Engaging with other people on the platform and posting regularly. Engaging with people on the platform requires that you put in some time. It’s important to favorite tweets that you think are valuable and to direct message people with whom you would like to share information. Posting regular tweets also requires some effort but there are software tools available which can help you schedule your tweets for release at optimal times and queue up a bunch of tweets to be released on a regular schedule.

Discoverability Tools

There are two tools for Twitter engagement that we are currently using. The first is a Twitter and Instagram list builder called Just Unfollow. Just Unfollow allows us to rapidly follow (and unfollow) hundreds of Twitter users at a time. With a search for influential users or hashtags you can filter lists of people who may be interested in your business and follow them en masse. Unless you are a major celebrity, building a substantial list on Twitter will require that you follow about as many people as you would like to follow you; a 1-1 follower to following ratio. Just Unfollow has tools which allow us to follow people who we think may be interested in our posts and to unfollow people who do not follow us back.

Each week we follow several hundred other Twitter users who we think may be interested in our services, our blog posts, or our tweets. We can gauge whether or not other Twitter users might be interested in following us by the hashtags that they use or by who they are following. If we follow another Twitter user in common then there is a good chance they might also be interested in following us. Of the users we follow each week about 20% will follow us back. Twitter only allows each account to follow a certain number of other people based on the number of people who are following you. So at the beginning of each week we use Just Unfollow to see who has followed us back over the last week and then we unfollow anyone who has not followed us back in order to create space for us to follow a new batch of several hundred people. We repeat this each week and over time we are able to build our Twitter following to several thousand.

The second tool that we are using is Hootsuite. I have tried a dozen or so social engagement management platforms and I think Hootsuite is the best of the bunch. The features that are available even in the free plan are pretty amazing. If you don’t have many social accounts that you need to manage the free plan may be plenty for you to start out with.

With Hootsuite we are able to queue and schedule a whole week’s worth of tweets at one time. Hootsuite also includes an extension for your browser which allows you to quickly add any page from around the web to your publishing queue. At the beginning of each week I visit several informational sites around the web and via the Hootsuite browser extension I add articles from those sites to our Hootsuite queue to be posted to Twitter. Following this schedule we can pretty quickly create a steady stream of useful and interesting articles which get sent out to our Twitter followers.

Making your business discoverable is paramount to gaining new customers and growing your business. Twitter is one way that you can increase your business’s discoverability online and make it possible for customers to find you.

Do you have questions about SEO, social engagement, or building your businesses’ online presence? Please contact us. With so many options for marketing on the internet it can be confusing. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you understand the best strategies for your growth.