Does Twitter Affect SEO? – No. But there are some benefits.

Twitter and SEO

We use Twitter for social engagement and as a broadcast channel to promote our services. Because we are posting 3 times a day to Twitter I wanted to find out if our tweets would effect our SER (Search Engine Rank) for the keywords that we are building our content marketing strategy around.

So I asked myself, “Does Twitter Affect SEO for my site?”. In short the answer is no.

In 2011 Twitter changed that way in which it allows other companies to search through it’s databases. This meant that Google could no longer take content from tweets into account in its search engine algorithm so tweet content and links within tweets do not get indexed by Google. There is one link involved with your Twitter account that Google can index and that is the link within your Twitter profile. It is important to make sure that you have a link to your product or business in your Twitter profile so that Google can index it. As your Twitter list grows your Twitter profile page will increase in page rank.

Although your tweets don’t directly influence your Google search engine ranking Twitter can be an important way to drive traffic to your site and promote your business. We see about a 10% increase in traffic on the days that we follow large groups of people on Twitter. This increase leads to an increase in people reading our articles and sharing those articles themselves on their own social networks and blogs.

While Google does not include Tweets in it’s search engine index the Microsoft search engine, Bing, does use tweets in its search results. An agreement that was announced last year allows Microsoft to includes tweets in search results, search twitter hashtags, and search Twitter user accounts.

Another way that you might be able to leverage your tweets to gain some SEO juice would be to share your tweets to another website that can be crawled by Google. If you post your tweets to your WordPress blog for example those tweets will be indexed by Google and count towards the rank of that page. In order to take advantage of this you should be sure to include the tweets on a page other than the home page and include more than just one tweet.

Twitter As An SEO Tool

It’s clear that posting a bunch of tweets to try and increase your sites page rank won’t help you in search engine rankings directly but having an engagement strategy that includes Twitter and which allows you to broadcast links to your content and promotions is an important part of an effective content strategy.

Twitter and SEO Links

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