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Portmanteau Designs is a WordPress web design studio created by two developers with complementary skill sets.


You have a vision, and we are the producer. Tell us your thoughts for your site, and we will translate your conceptualized idea into a concrete layout. We are an extension of your team.


Communication is paramount. Only through dialog can we understand the details of your vision. We strive for efficient communication to minimize the amount of time we require from you.


We deliver projects on time with a perfectionist’s attention to detail. We are not finished until you are thrilled with the outcome.







We work exclusively with WordPress, the most powerful and most widely used software for building websites on the planet. WordPress is a flexible, content management system, with an active developer community. WordPress can handle anything from a portfolio site like this one all the way up to very large ecommerce sites.



WordPress shopping carts built with WooCommerce, the leading shopping cart software for WordPress. Each cart is built with custom templates, customized extensions, and adjustments for your theme. Our WooCommerce set ups are mobile ready and include customized email notification templates.

Online Learning Systems

Online Learning Systems

More and more people are learning skills online. We are familiar with best practices for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and we understand how to implement an LMS with WordPress. We can get your online course up and running while you worry about the curriculum.

Social Media

Social Media

How you are going to market your business should be part of your planning from the beginning. We know how to deeply integrate social media marketing and email marketing into your website to set you up for success.



All of our projects are built using web standards. We strive to create well structured code that can be easily understood by anyone who will work on your website. We are familiar with most of the languages and technologies that are in use today but we specialize in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Increasing Discoverability

Discoverability • Using Twitter to Get Found

What the Heck is Discoverability?

Web design is a pretty crowded market. In order for us to get new clients, those people need to be able to find us before they find the other guys. Discoverability is the ease with which customers can find your business.

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Adding custom checkout fields in WooCommerce

This article describes the process of adding WooCommerce custom checkout fields to your WordPress site, as well as how to ensure that the data is being stored properly in the database and add the fields to the Order Details page and order emails.

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Does Twitter Affect SEO Featured Image

Does Twitter Affect SEO? – No. But there are some benefits.

Twitter and SEO

We use Twitter for social engagement and as a broadcast channel to promote our services. Because we are posting 3 times a day to Twitter I wanted to find out if our tweets would effect our SER (Search Engine Rank) for the keywords that we are building our content marketing strategy around.

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Version Control for Beginners using BitBucket, DropBox, and Coda 2

Note on software used: Coda 2 version 2.5.1, SourceTree version 2.0.3, OS X 10.10.1

Utilizing a version control system such as git is an invaluable practice. It allows you to ensure that you always have a backup of your site, and it facilitates team collaboration with aplomb. For our setup we use BitBucket (a git based repository) as our main backup, and we keep our local files on DropBox as a secondary backup. This article shows beginners how to set up BitBucket with DropBox and how to connect it up to Coda 2 (Portmanteau’s preferred SDE).

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WordPress SEO Resources

WordPress SEO – 5 Discoverability Quick Reads

Why Should I Care About WordPress SEO?

If you want your business to thrive customers are going to have to be able to find you and purchase your products and services. Online discoverability is probably the area where your company should be spending most of it’s effort.

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It’s Never Just That Easy

A couple of years ago I was working for a small company with about 6 employees. I was hired to manage the website for the company but because I was the person most versed in computer technologies (and the youngest) I also ended up being the de facto IT guy. At first I volunteered for the position and I eagerly did the best I could to try to help my coworkers with everything from figuring out where their downloaded file went to setting up the company’s wireless infrastructure.

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